Anyone have experience with limerence and how to get rid of it?

Okay I had this crush on a guy 2.5 years ago. We we're classmates and after the class ended we stopped talking... I never got over it and I would constantly see him in college and he would look at me and not say anything.

I don't see him anymore as I changed colleges recently but yet he's been on my mind daily for the past 3 years ago almost and I don't know why...


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  • It's not like you have anything to lose by contacting him? The thought of him may go soon, may go ages in the future, or may never go
    I would contact him over FB or text or something, just to get him off your mind or to see if there is a possible connection
    Worse comes to worse and u get shot down by a guy u will never see again if u don't want to, having no impact on your life
    The other way to get him off your mind is to go out more, and find a guy who ull like more
    Hope this helps! :)

    • Thanks! I have actually tried going out with a ton of guys and have no problem meeting guys it's just they don't seem to excite me that much. I honestly wouldn't know what to say to this guy I feel like it would be so awkward to do that now especially because we stopped saying hi to each other for some reason.

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    • Haha okay thanks for your help I'll have to somehow find the courage to do that.

    • Here's the courage: type it in a text box, count to three, send

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