This guys rejected me but he said he stopped himself from loving me. What?

So this guy is slightly younger to me. We just worked really well together and we fell for each other. At one point, he went for the kiss and then everything changed for me. But he said he didn't want a relationship, he said he did fall for me but stopped himself. I said why didn't yiu want it. He was vague, saying we're too different etc. he seemed to have a hardee time with the break up than i did. However, after going no contact and everything i still love him. But i am realistic and I know he will never pursue me back again. but keeping in touch makes it easier to realise that i am fine without him. When we weerent talking, i built him up to be something else. I still don't get why he didn't just got for it? Is there something a girl has to secure for a guy to commit? Or did he just not love me enough? What do you think might have been missing?


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  • The best thing u can do is stop analyzing why and move on. There could be any number of reasons, but don't blame yourself. It just isn't meant to be and now u are free for someone better


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  • He may have fallen for another girl, or just another excuse.

    • Meaning he didn't like me? But he did everything for me... bought me flowers, showered me with love etc

    • Well, maybe he's manic-depressive.

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