Guys, which ethnic group of women have you had the most positive experience with in terms of relationships based on your OWN experience?

White/Caucasian women, Black/African-American women, Hispanic/Latina women or Asian/Oriental women?

  • White/Caucasian
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  • Black/African American women
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  • Hispanic/Latina
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  • Asian/Oriental
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  • White, usually some Asian mixed in there. I'm not even sure I've ever date outside the realm of caucasian. Not because of preference, just because it's never happened.

    • Based on positive experiences with them or just strictly because you like how they appear? For instance, I've known quite a LOT of white men who prefer women outside of their own race because they've had a really bad experience with women of their own ethnic group, especially in the United States.

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    • I understand. It's quite interesting to hear from everybody's perspective. I often hear about how certain group of women complain about a certain group of men based on their ethnic group and race while I've heard a lot of men complain about certain women based on only their nationalities (*cough cough* Americans)

    • haha, I won't deny any ignorant comments coming from my nation's people, some people here are pretty respectable, though.

      Every girl is different, so I don't have a preference. I DO have a preference for personalities, though. Too quiet and shy or too bitchy is off the table for me.

  • Latinas are the full package.