I need a girl to help me practice?

Just as friends but I need a girl to help me practice talking to other women but I'm tired of screwing up opportunities and I want a girl to actually like me and not get creeper out when I talk to her. So please help it would be greatly appreciated


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  • what are you saying that creeps them out?

    • OK so I do online dating cause I'm too scared to talk to girls in person here's what i say

      Hi I'm Maurice I think you see like a sweet girl and I think it would be awesome if we got to know each other

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    • I'm too ugly though

    • Oh please! Do you have fangs? Do you have open sores where your eyes should be? Go meet a girl and have some fun!

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  • So you literally can't find a single girl to talk to?


  • You don't have any close girl friends that you can practice with? I know many girls in real life that would certainly practice with me if I needed them to