Should I try a long distance relationship with this girl or move?

I met this really great girl in my summer class and we go to differint colleges in the spring but transferred in for summer at a local college. We kinda dated in the summer but knew not to be serious cause it wouldn't work out. We hung out after class, skipped class together and she spent the night a few times. We didn't have sex just cuddled, talked, and kissed. Then we met up on Halloween weekend and I found out she is a virgin when we hung out at her dorm. Were on Christmas break now and hanging out everyday but I don't want to get to close if it won't work out. We talk on the phone often cause seeing each other isn't an option due to location.



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  • I would just leave it as friends for now. Don't get into something serious when you can't have a close relationship. Long distance rarely works out well.

    • True conisering my close distance went terrible I don't know if long distance will work.

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  • I wouldn't put ny self in a LDR because when i did first i was so in love and thought it would be fine but i realized that it was like slow emotional tortute abd like i was just giving ny self the illusion that im in a realtionship when in fact it was an online relationship