Why is there no take articles for single people?

Lol when I actually try to get involved with gag's new features all I see is advice for people in relationships.

It would be nice to see an article from a single perspective with advice on dating

On this website I noticed most people assume when you are dating you are in a relationship.

I don't know if this is a cultural thing but single people do date

I kind of feel like when people think of dating they assume it's a relationship.


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  • I once read an article/take describing the difference between "hooking up, dating, and a relationship."

    I agree with you about having few articles for single people. They're out there, but they seem to exist as a minority :)

    • Most people on here assume that im in a relationship. Talking to a guy does not equal a relationship.

    • Yes, I agree

  • I think the "flirting" section is what you're looking for.



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