Why is it so hard to find a really attractive girl to talk to and share time with, on POF?

When I go on POF, usually there are almost zero women who are attractive enough for me to spend time with.

I'm a really good looking person... one of those blessed people... I'm not attracted to most women because my standards for myself are way higher.

I can almost find no attractive women there. Is it mostly that highly attractive women almost always want BF's? I mean... I don't want to be alone while I look for women who match my standards. Don't any of them get lonely?


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  • This is very shallow. The first thing you say is that there are "almost zero women who are attractive enough for me to spend time with". That's your problem. I'm sorry that you feel these women aren't worth your time simply because they aren't attractive enough. I mean, forget about their personality or if they have similar interests to yours. Obviously physical appearance is the first and most important thing in a relationship, according to you. In this case, I wish you luck in finding someone who is attractive enough according to your standards and willing to put up with your ego and superficial preferences.

    If there isn't anyone "attractive enough" for you on this dating website, maybe you should try looking in real life instead.

    Either lower your standards and expand your dating pool, or keep searching for someone who you feel is good enough for you.

    • That's not my problem. That's your insecurity. There's nothing shallow about it. You don't date people you have no sexual attraction to.

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  • Better off trying to find chicks in real life.

    • You're right. Odds are much higher.

    • Yeah internet chicks can be extremely shallow minded. If you just go out and hang around random chicks may give you signs they are interested.

      See in real life I don't go to them... well I do but I wait for them to want me first.

  • Go outside. Profit.

  • I doubt you're that good looking.