Why do I feel this way about him? Can anybody help?

So this guy broke things off or told me we were just friends the whole time after seeing him for a month and a half. Granted we were never "just friends." I don't know what kind of friends call each other baby/babe. Anyways, i never really got closure on why that happened. I feel like I can't move on from him because I had a real connection with him. Well i've ran into him at work twice where once he went out of his way to say hello and hug me and kiss my cheek and the next night he saw me and texted me to tell me i looked very pretty. and the other time, I was at his domain of work and I walked in and he watched me walk in. He talked to me, and whatnot and hugged me. Well as I was leaving he hugged me and kissed my cheek again and whispered "nice to see you babe" in my ear.
What the hell am i supposed to do with that. Can anyone answer this for me?

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  • Sounds like he's either a really big flirt or probably has some sort of feelings towards you. You should probably figure out if he's interested in you and if he is, what type or relationship he's interested in, and if you're okay with that. Unless you're alright with a "loose" relationship with him, probably sounds best not to get involved. In my experience and knowledge, guys who claim that you're "just friends" (when you're clearly more) are not in a place to be in a serious relationship with you (if that's what you want).

    Good luck!


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  • Keep going, I think great times are on the verge


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  • There's another gal back stage...