Am I getting lonely?

These are the signs --

- Whenever I see a couple, and if I find the girl attractive, I feel horrible, I'm like "Why can't I get that?". And I start getting depressed.

- The same feeling is 10 times stronger whenever I see PDA or people making out. It takes me 24 hours to recover. I won't be able to sleep that night.

- I feel horribly sad over the fact that no girl every trusted me like she did that guy and no girl every opens up to me; they avoid me at all cost and give me nothing at all. I didn't even get to hold hands!! No girl has ever even touched me or sat in my car!

- I'm a pretty hard working guy and I wonder while I'm working hard, there are 1000s of guys making out with hot girls and getting all their favours while I get nothing at all. I waisted my whole life working... I even made a great martial artist like body over 7 years of non stop weight training and I'm lean. But girls don't find that attractive (I did it for myself anyway)...

- I avoid watching these kind of videos. As a result I've a very limited genre of movies that I watch, with NO adult content.

- If I see no couples, I'm perfectly fine. I got no problems staying single throughout my life, BUT ONLY if I don't see any couples.

Looking at these signs, am I getting lonely? Or is this something else?

PLEASE don't try to make me feel good; it can't be fixed. Just answer the questions and share your experiences.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • exactly the other way around. I don't care if girls like me and don't hold myself back from saying inappropriate stuff, I don't fear the outcome and get trusted by girls from time to time. I am kind of a therapist sometimes

    • I don't care too (I mean got rejected like 20 times), and it doesn't affect me a bit; but this's a general feeling, not relating to a single girl but the whole gender.

      What I think is the absolute truth.

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    • Yeah, jealousy came as a possibility. I was thinking about it too, but It's such a girl thing and I never get jealous except for these matters.

      Instead of getting jealous I start working harder on it. Right now I hit on waaaay too many girls.

      Thanks for the thoughts.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes u are lonely, but what u feel is perfectly normal. It sounds like u have given up, why? I'm sure plenty of girls would like u

  • you might wanna talk to a therapist about this.

  • Girls will pick up the vibe of you feeling desperate. Socialize, get out there and chances are you WILL meet someone. You can' tho through life avoiding your feelings. Best to take charge and make what you desire your reality. :)

    • Guys and relatives (including female relatives) think I got many GFs.

      And people see me a though/stable/macho guy.

      But everyone got a soft side you know.

What Guys Said 2

  • I've got them same feels bro. It's not a nice thing to see when you know yourself how hard you work, when your whole life you've been told that to find a girl you need to be a caring hard working man. Life is unfair sometimes.

  • It is a sign you are getting lonely, the reason you feel this way is because you want it so badly but can't get it.

    To fix this I recommend you go and socialize more, you will eventually get desensitized by all the couples and meet someone who likes you, you need to stop worrying about how you look because to get someone you have to start and end with the confidence in yourself and your personality.

    Next, to get a girl to open up, you have to open up first. It is what happens the majority of the time is is why the males asking girls on a date and males proposing to marriage has become a stereotype. YOU need to go out and actively ask girls on dates and take action. You will have 0% chance of getting a partner if you sit around feeling sad for yourself but you will have all the chance if you take some real action

    Sorry if this came out a little mean, but you need to get off your butt and do something