I am confused with this girl if she is playing hard to get?

So when have been in 4 dates but not every consistent sometimes once every 2-3 weeks. I feel like we are both treating each like boyfriends and girlfriends. She mentions that her ex cheated on her. On our 2nd date when I hugged and kissed her on cheek I was given a silent treatment for 3 weeks.

On our last date we were touching and flirting even though she says she wants to be friends first. She keeps mentioning that there are other men and mentioned that she has a date on the afternoon who are considered friends.

She extended my date hours for two hours longer than the other guy. It feels she is doing these in purpose. I did not aboard the train with her and even though she got emotionally upset as she has another date.

She told me she needed space because she told me that she is moving on from the other guys and did it today again mentioning seeing a friend. When I mention that I am seeing other girls who are friends or family members who are girls she gets really angry and jealous. She bashes the other guys as she is not having fun with them.

When she needed space, I called her on phone just to check up on her. I have been really honest, caring (listening to what she says), and genuine. I mean by honest, I tell her if she done something that offends me and not being all sucking up to her like most other guys do.

On our third date, I held her hand and complained to me that she has to go home early because she could concentrate.

I just don't if she is weird or just playing hard to get. She also wears stuff that I have given her and we make decisions together on her shopping or gifts for her family or shared photos of her siblings or Christmas party.

We argue sometimes due to multidating or seeing other people. I told her that I don't see any other people anymore.

She is 23 and I am 25

When she is around me she is always blushing and smiling. Just the last date was so funny she kept a texting then when I made her laugh and smile, she starts to touch me and I touch her from head to her hands to everywhere.

She said no touching with the other guys too. I would have scored but just got off that train and thinking of the second date. You don't want to escort that woman for a second date.
She said she wants love to develop naturally.


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  • She is either mixed up from being cheated on and dating multiple men to try and use her instinct to work out which men lie and which men tell the truth or she is playing you and telling you anything you want to hear to make you feel special in your time together, with a little confussion from being cheated on. Just take it slow dont rush it and if you are only seeing her now and she backs off a little chances are she was playing you to attract you in and leave you high and dry. But like i said it could be that she has been cheated on and is a little confused and can't trust men. But also think how many other men is she telling this too maybe if you tell her you would like to take it to the nxt level and both stop seeing other people you will find out were you stand


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  • She sounds high maintenance and insecure, I would say she's assessing her options juggling many men at once, I think u could do better to be honest


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  • Just curious how old are you? I read everything and even I am confused about this girl and I've never even met her! (well never say never lol) I tend to try and avoid girls who play games but when you can't tell then it's harder to make a decision on that jjaja. Do you buy her lots of gifts? Take her out a lot? Basically do you spend money on her? I mean she could always just be trying to play you for fun (a lot of girls can be so pretty but be dirty on the inside). It's cool that you're honest. If she IS playing you (and I hope for your sake she's not!) then she could be doing the same to other guys around the same time-frame. Can you please give more details on how she acts around you especially in public. Do you guys do anything other than go out on dates yet and like kiss/hold hands? I want to help you man! After having trouble in elementary school attracting the opposite sex made me feel so horrible inside so I never like seeing people or friends feel down about girls or guys they have interest in.

  • you should be fucking her already