How can you tell if a guy is annoyed? ADVICE?

this guy behaves or tends to be quiet around me thus our conversations rarely get anywhere since me being the prime question asker can only think of so many things to say while he answers/and or asks the same questions back. he also gets engulfed into his phone when we have our awkward quiet moments. this guy also avoids me when he sees me at times and its difficult to deny though i ignore it. then there are these rare moments where he smiles or raises his eyebrows when he sees me, comes to me on his own, and or sits with me on the bus on his own im starting to think he's just being nice because of his other behavior. I've seen interactions with girls and his facebook/instagram and all of these indicate he's not generally shy from women - but I've heard he's not that loud but he defintiely seems like not a shy guy from what I've seen

when we talk he acts uninterested or clueless about things he knows very well and doesn't share his weekend plans fully - but asks questions on mine sometimes like with who are you going, where (party?), what are you planning on wearing (hallowwen party)

i ran into a childhood friend of his on hte bus a while back and he told me he's his childhood friend. he asked me to add him on Facebook - i sent a request a couple weeks later but he never accepted - is it because of the quiet guy

days after that i was a couple people infront of the quiet guy in the bus line up. we looked at eachother at a certain point and smiled at one another. i didn't want him to feel he must talk/sit with me so i wasn't going to go in the bus when it arrived. as i stood he came up to me and gestured me to go in so i did. at the end of the ride he asked me if i wasn't going to go in (i did this to him before but never told him why) i said yes and made an excuse - does he think im avoiding him>

ps we both are 20 i know very childish


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  • Sorry doll, but he's gay or not interested, besides make the males do the work! Why not pay attention to any guys that are really close/will do anything with you/or for you,


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