I don't feel like I'm good enough for this guy, yet he shows interest?

I'm interested in this guy who's three years older than me. He got at least 4-5 years of college behind him and a full time job. I however have no college (due to financial problems at home) behind me, a crappy job that pays little to nothing so I am screwed if I get sick. He's a nice guy but sorta shy and he seems to be trying to show his interest in me. I am also overweight too but it doesn't seem to bother him, I feel like I wouldn't be enough for him considering he's doing well for himself financially and I barely have my shit together. Any advice?


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  • If he thinks you are good enough, you are good enough.


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  • Yeah. Enough with the insecurities, even if he is interested you'll drive him away. I never thought people look at others "financially"? we do live a screwed up society knowing the price of everything but the cost of nothing. He seems like a nice guy. We dont you challenge yourself for a better you? Ask him to go running, or the gym. And start looking for better jobs, apply even if you're sure of te rejection. I think embracing the imperfection will drive him crazy not away.