Boyfriend situation unfortunately?

I just broke up with my ex n I want to get back
but as soon as I do I will want to run away
he was not the right 1 for me I know it
but I don't know why I feel like I love him but I know I don't. I miss him
what should I do?


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  • Error is right, you are being selfish. Grow up. Make a decision and stick with it. It is not fair to him. You obviously don't know what you want and treating someone like a yo-yo proves you aren't ready to commit to something.

    • I know I'm scared to fall in love
      but I do miss him
      how do I control myself from thinking about him

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    • That is very helpful But I don't know if I loved him or not but I think I love him is there any way to be sure

    • Time. Time heals all and reveals all. And unfortunately, there is no way to speed it up, nor slow it down.

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