When a guy says he is at a low point in his life and does not know what he wants. Should I take it personally when he says that he would not date me?

Right now he is working through a lot of personal issues (ie. getting over ex gf, not in a place where he thought he would be in terms of work and school). He said to me that he does not know what he wants and he does not want to get attached to anyone. So when he says that he does not see me in a long term way is that because he does not know what he wants? or should I take his word and move on because maybe that is the one thing he could be certain about?


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  • Move on... if he wanted you, he would make it happen. He is telling you "to be nice" and not hurt your feelings. Yes it is cowardly and tells you everything you need to know about him.

  • Take it personally. Feel defeated.


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