MEN YOUR TAKE ON: Being IN Love vs. Loving Someone?

Which do you think is superior and/or holds more weight? I notice females tend to think differently on this topic than men. Most females that I've corresponded with tend to think that being IN love supersedes loving someone; however, I think opposite.

I, personally, feel like to be IN love is a rollercoaster. Emotions are always up and down, left and right. Your mood can determine if you're in love with someone. If you feel angry or pissy, and someone asks if you're in love with X, I'm sure the answer would be "no" (again, based on your mood). On the other hand, LOVING someone, the high and low moods are more constant, and even beneath your everyday moods/emotions, you know that you still love X. Make sense?

Anyway, I'd love your input!! Thanks!

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Family is a perfect example. They may do things and/or say things that tick us, that we hate; however, at the END OF THE DAY, we love them REGARDLESS. Being IN love is so easy to fall into, and also so easy to fall out of. All it takes is an argument or an action and boom -- we go from being in love to wanting nothing to ever do with that person again. Rollercoaster of a ride.
I figured more females would use the "family" example and say that THAT is the reason why being IN love is higher than loving someone, because love for family is different than love for a SO -- yes, true, but the extent of that love is the same -- no matter what, at the END OF THE DAY, we love them regardless. I could be in love with you today and hate your a** tomorrow ::shrug::


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  • To love someone is more powerful since, in my opinion, it's more constant. It's always there and doesn't go away. Being in love with someone may be more powerful in the sense of it affecting our emotions, but being in love with someone usually has some selfish undertones to it. When you say that you're in love with someone why is that so? If you were to think about it... most of the reasons, if not all of them, revolve around yourself. The way he/she makes me feel, the way he/she treats me. While loving something is rather unselfish. When you love something or someone it's more about what you can do for that someone or something. I'm not religious, but for those that are.. loving God. They aren't in love with God, but they do love God. And they are willing to make sacrifices to please the being that they love. When you're in love there is some part of that, and that part of that is because usually when you're in love part of you does love that person, but the in love part tends to be the selfish part of you. So, even though being in love fucks with our emotions more strongly, loving someone is more powerful overall.


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  • "You should concentrate on Giving love not Taking."
    A saying having deep meaning.

  • I couldn't tell you. At no point in life have I ever been in love with a woman, though there are women I love and care about.

    But I've never been in love, because I never came across one I consider a worthy counterpart upon whom to bestow that love.

    I've loved as a brother, a son, a friend, a man, but never as a lover. I've never been in love. I've been in interest and infatuation, but never love. Ever.

    So I will say that to love someone is more powerful. Because that's all I have known, and may well be all I ever do know.


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  • To love someone is more powerfull i think.
    I can choice to who I want to love.
    But I can't choose loving by whom.

    So, I have all control about loving someone. How much I give love, caring, missing...

    All of them up to me.

    I think so.

  • we go crazy over the people we're in love with. not the others.

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