Why do guys that are mentally ill like me?

Lol, seriously! It seems that the guys I like don't like me, yet the ones that do like me have mental problems or are mental. I am not making fun of anyone with a mental disorder. I truly do feel bad, but every time a guy likes me I find out they are either Bi-polar, Schizophrenic, Narcissist, or some other mental disorder. I am not trying to sound rude, or offend anyone. I am just wondering why these are the type of guys that are drawn to me? The ones that don't have mental disorders, don't like me! Lol.


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  • 1. Laugh or mock this anyone but there is something called fate and destiny which is beyond any human's control - some are born with certain things written and no matter how hard one tries they wind up in the same spot ;-) accepting it at times makes it easier to dodge what we don't want in life or in the least use it to advantage (preferably mutual if it's not detrimental to self or the other is not malicious). Most people choose not to accept this to keep their fighting spirit going :-)
    2. On the practical perception, you not only are beautiful and sexy but also have a very kind and compassionate look - a warmth in you which is complimented by your kind and generous nature. These also make people obsessed with you for various reasons - good and bad
    3. My recommendation is not to think too much into it cause thinking too much about anything even subconsciously is meditating on it thus attracting it to self :-)
    4. It's not that the ones that you consider not having mental disorders don't like you. It's just that you are a confident and outgoing girl which makes those who can think enough intimidated :-)

    • HECK!!! ANOTHER MH that I wasn't notified about :-/

      Thank you again for your gracious gesture and making my day with your MH beautiful young lady :-)

    • Lol, it's all good Raj. I know GaG has been messing up lately. Thanks again! Haha.

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  • You must have really bad luck or you're not giving the right guys a chance and you reject them and scare them away or the guys who do like you are too shy to make a move.

  • Do you consider yourself a loud person? If you do then that's why.

    • No, I am actually down to earth, and quiet. When I hang around people, I just normally talk to them, but I am not loud or anything like that lol.

  • Maybe your the one mentally ill


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