What do girls like in a guy?

I am very confident, style savy, tall, slender, I always wear cologne apparently I can't wwear a cologne the doesn't get me complimented, and have deep blue eyes!!!

I find girls are all over me, always flirt with me even when I am with my GF.

I have a friend that girls just laugh at, he is shorter with glasses and bigger muscles.

so, the question is why are they all over me and dont give him a second look. what do you look for in guys?

I am not usually this cocky I am just stating thing other girls have told me. I am sorry if initially this question offends you. just trying to figure out what girls see in me so I can help my friend. again I deeply apologize for thecway I came off in my initial question!


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  • Everyone likes something different. Personally, I wouldn't go for your type. That's just my preference though.

    • thanks, sorry if I came across cocky thats not my real personality I am usually not that rude and self centered I am more trying to help my friend get into a relationship and find out why girls seem to like me.

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    • thanks for your help your really nice :)

    • You're welcome and thank you for the compliment. 😊

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  • Height is very attractive to girls. Even the really short girls i know (5'3 + under ) still love guys who are like 6'5. And your features are generally considered attractive. Like long blonde hair, blue eyed slim girls are.
    An attractive face also gives you an advantage. Personally i love glasses on dudes, so im not knocking your friend, just mentioning this.

  • You sound pretty cocky I wouldn't go for you and based on your profile pic I wouldn't say you're as attractive as you seem to think you are.

    • I just said those things because those are what girls have told me. I am actually not cocky usually, just seemed that way. sorry.

    • lol you don't have to be sorry it was just an observation. Every girl has different preferences to some girls you'll be hot and to others you won't, same with your friends.

    • thanks, I really am a sensitive person, I just have my moments lol

  • Usually most girls just want a tall guy


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  • Girls like guys who are amazing and have more than a bunch of generic traits in their profiles: Basically not you.

    • I am the one girls like my friend is not, look at my profile pic I am not short or wearing glasses. I am trying to help my friend.

  • I dont think there is a specific look girls look for , as long as u take care of your looks. And ehat that special thing in yiu , persinality , talk, fun , smart etc.. You have a very good chance so u dnt have to look like brad pitt , although some girls nowadways run for looks but those are basic stereotypes i would look for girls with more self repect that wouldn't throw themselves just because a guy is hot..

    • Sorry for the typing mistakes lol im half asleep

    • thanks lol, I have ben up for a while, I have a GF girls still throw themselves at me I just hope my friend can find someonee.