What do girls lke in guys?

I am a average guy. I have blue eyes, I am in to style, always wear cologne, and I am tall.

what traits do you like in guys?
what do you find attractive?
do you lke:
cocky guys?
Nice guys?
what personalities do you like?


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  • what traits do you like in guys? Honesty, Integrity, Faithful, Passionate, Kind, Ambitious. Compassionate.
    what do you find attractive? I love black hair and blue eyes for some reason. I love tall guys. I love big hands. I like a guy with style.
    do you like:
    cocky guys? I can at times. Sometimes cockiness can come off as arrogant or conceited in their personality, and I don't like that. But sometimes a guy who is "flirtatiously cocky" is fun. :p I enjoy playful "fighting" and "power struggles". It makes for a more interesting relationship. xD
    Nice guys? This is a big YES. This type of guy is so hard to find though. Most of them are already taken. :

    what personalities do you like? I like guys with a funny personality, guys who can make me laugh a lot. I'd say that's the easiest way to my heart. I tend to like guys who are a bit more..."cold" in demeanor. It's hard to explain. I don't want a guy who is a jerk, I like nice and respectful guys, but I'm one of those people who hate when a person throws compliments at everyone, because then when they compliment me, it loses its validation. Same with saying "I love you". I'd rather the type of guy who only says "I love you" on special occasions, or once a month or something, than someone who says it everyday. To me, it's more special in moderation. My "ideal guy" is impossible to explain in such few characters. There are so many different personality traits that I really admire and desire.

    • thanks. I can understand ur ideal guy cuz its sounds like me. sorry if I come off arrogant by saying that its true tho :)

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  • Sense of humour, sweet, family oriented, respectful, fun, charming. Physically guys just need to look clean and like they take care of themselves.

    • thanks!

    • no problem :) its all about how you carry yourself, the guys who get the girls aren't the hottest they just have charisma and confidence

  • A nice guy

    • thanks!

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    • ha ha asker looks like u like yourself very much. but not all girls like blue eyes.

    • huh? lol have my actual pic on my profile with the name thesensitveguy. kinda confused by ur comment lol :)

  • Calves 😝 funny sweet but not girls a man that can tell and take a good joke

  • I personally like nice guys that are at least a little bit attractive. Many guys who are really good looking are cocky because they know it. I like sweet guys who like me for me.


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