What should I do about this situation. . how to attract him without being desperate or playing too hard to get?

There's this guy at my college and since the first day we have lots of eye contacts and when I'm around my friends say that he stares at me.. I liked him actually without even knowing him and I tried to and I met his 2 friends *girls* and I always say hi and smile at him if he's with the girls while I'm standing with them.. and at first he was getting nervous but then I've noticed that I was the one who was trying to know him and say hi and I gave him the chance to know me but he never did any action and I know that he's the shy nice guy type but is he really shy or just not interested and what should I do to attract him..


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  • Any guy, shy or not, will make some attempt, however tiny, if they're truly interested.


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  • he's not into you , but maybe you are making him nervous when he is wit the two girls. stop cockblocking him , he was laying down some work and then you came along. gosh -.-

  • Wait for some time


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