Wrong name by a girl I'm chatting with?

A girl I've been chatting with a dating site sent an Emsil. It had someone else's name. She ask if I got it. I corrected her and told her I thought she goofed. I was pissed. Am I wrong. ? Paying attention is important.

  • She seemed sharp. Now I'm not sure.
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You're right. She Emailed me back. Her ex hacked her Email. Like a dumb ass I rushed to judgment. I was dead wrong. !
Thank all of you for your advice. We've chatted in Yahoo Messenger. She seems like a neat woman. Like a blithering idiot I jumped to conclusions. I was wrong.


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  • I talk to so many people on those sites I always have to page back up to where they told me their real names. No use getting mad, just a downside to a dating buffet.

  • That mssg probably wasn't for you

    • It actually was for me. Her ex hacked her Email. I was wrong to jump to conclusions. She seems like a very nice girl.

    • Ohh I've been there my x hacked my emails and opened up accounts in my name these things do happen good luck with this girl

  • Nope, but you're on a dating site, you should expect that everyone on it is playing the field tbh


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  • Lesson learnt... don't judge too quickly. First get all the facts. It is usually a good policy to ask or have a discussion first about something that cheeses you off, before you jump to conclusions.

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