How to make her miss me, she is on a holiday for 14 days?

things haven't been going to good lately, well it depends on her mood swings, yesterday i wrote her a small text, and had to wait for more than a day to get a response, i dont think she values me enough and i want her to miss me, should i let her wait to, or should i act like i dont have time for her right now, so she actually misses me. at the same time im afraid that when im not texting, she will think, ooh well fuck him. how does this stupid game work, be quiet, let her wait, or write a simple hello back.


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  • Don't play mind games. If you miss her send her a message. If she misses you she'll send one back. Proceed from there.

    • im not really into mind games either, well i told her goodnight schoonheid ( and told her to translate that last word ) . i hope she isn't doing anything stupid or irresponsible there, people try to tempt her, she isn't exactly my gf but she knows i like her a great deal. so i hope these people stay away from her, i dont care how pretty she is, she is also a person, who has her fare share of problems. im really worried, that she will all forget about me

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    • well i did text her a little thing, a picture, she has this favorite soft drink, and under each top ( no idea English name ) like a beer bottle, i opened the top and on the other side there is always a different saying, this one said, i live to love you, made a picture of it, and sended it to her, something simple

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  • The only way to make her miss you is to not communicate with her..