Have you noticed how the majority of the attractive females in their late teens and early twenties on dating sites are shy, or stuck up, etc?

Before the generalization police comes I said the word MAJORITY not all. I notice the majority of attractive females on dating websites are shy, super picky, stuck up, high maintenance, on the website just for attention and enjoys receiving so many messages from guys, are weird, druggies, alcoholics, single moms, or is super busy a lot of the time and that is the reason they are doing online dating. I would say about 5 % of attractive women in this age range on dating websites don't represent any of this but are just on the dating website to find a different type of guy that treats them right.

Once again I was talking about the MAJORITY of attractive females in their teens and early twenties on dating websites.
Tell me your opinions?


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  • Pretty much. I don't take it serious because it's not even remotely close to real life. I hear the tables turn with age too.

    • How so?

    • Well, as women's vaginas dry up with age they become more desperate. At older ages there are less single attractive men who have jobs because they have all been scooped up by younger women.