Why did he wink at me?

I was standing in a group of people from school and talking, and my crush was there. We were on each side of this guy and he had an arm around each of us, when we started insulting each other in a flirty manner, which is what we always do. Then out of nowhere, with his face about 30 cm from mine, he looked me in the eyes and winked at me.. I'm really afraid to read too much into this, because I want it to have meant something, and I fear my judgment is severely clouded. I'm afraid too, because we talked for a while and he used to sit next to me and stuff, before he suddenly started ignoring me for like a week. I'm really confused. I really really like him, but I wonder if I should just stop wasting my time or not, though our eyes keep meeting whenever we walk by each other, and this one time, I was trying to make him stumble, but our feet got caught together, and I sort of fell into his arms... It only lasted for a second, and that was the last time I saw him before the holidays. Have I got a shot, or am I just being stupid and reading way too much into all of this? I'm so confused.


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  • Okay, let me get this straight, you fell into his arms, he winked at you, and you guys flirt? Sounds like a love story to me. If he is just ignoring you, try to say hi to him when you see him, but not too much. If he still ignores you, I say don't bother because if really does like you, you would be the center of attention. You have everything going for you, so stay true to you! Hope this helped!


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