Did he look at me as girlfriend material?

I dated this guy for a month.. we went on total of five dates. We had a lot in common and great time with each other.. as if it was all ment to be. On our last date on valentinesday he told me he likes me and how it was sad that we didn't get to spend a lot of time together since he didn't live in my town.
He had been in a previous rel for seven years and got out of it last year and now his ex is happy with someone else.

After our last amazing date he didn't contact me as much.. and pulled away. When in finally confronted him he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious because he didn't have time. Which I understand because he did travel a lot and we didn't live in the same town.
But was he developing feelings for me and got out before they got deeper?
We remained friends and six month later he contacts me and wants to meet up. He has now moved to my town and when we met it was as I'f nothing had changed.. he didn't kiss me or anything. And now he is gone for four months working in another country

So I mean was I nothing to him?


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  • I don't think you meant "nothing" towards him. It's just all wrong timing. He is busy with his job occupation and he just seems that he doesn't really have time for a relationship. I believe he has respect for you and he doesn't perceive you as "just one of those girls". Does he see you as irk friend material? Possibly, but I don't think that is his tip priority at the moment. I believe two people will come together when they need each other the most. Just be friends with him for now and let things happen gradually.

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