I have a crush on my friend, but she thinks it's someone else. HELP?

So i recently became quite good friends with this girl, and I've realised i like her as more than a friend. She likes me, but definitely doesn't currently see me as a potential boyfriend. Problem is, she thinks that i have a crush on someone else, and constantly teases me about it, so i think she'd be very shocked if i told her. She's never had a boyfriend before, as she had been to an all girls school all her life until last year. As a result, she doesn't really have any experience with guys. I recently got rejected by a different girl, and it really knocked my confidence. I'm pretty shy anyway. What should i do?


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  • I've given this advice before, but you should tell her that you don't like that girl and that you like someone else. Then she will most likely ask you who you do like and you can tell her that you like her. Then it's up to her


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  • Well, you're fucked.

    • Wow, thanks a lot. Real helpful

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    • You got your information from Anon girl. I'm off.

    • Well, thank you for your help

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  • If you like her, flirt with her. If she responds to it well, ask her out. If she backs away, or doesn't seem interested- stay friends.

    If you don't try, you'll never know! Also, are you sure you have actual feelings for her? I've "lusted" after guy-friends.. but didn't really "like them" as people. Make sure you know the difference :)


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