Would you get involved or stay involved with a girl that kept her ex husband's last name?

I kept my ex husband's last name. we were together for a long time but not married long.
I just like the name and got used to it and it's on everything of course.

I totally cut him out of my life and there are of course zero feelings and zero communication. No kids. Is it weird? Would you honestly 100% not want to be involved? I always get it out of the way that I'm divorced and it doesn't seem to bother anyone. But the last name really is hard to bring up but I do at the first opportunity. I've not dated yet as im really my ready. But I've always wondered about this! Big deal or no?


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  • If I don't know I don't care (nudgenudgewinkwink)

  • would be a big deal for me. what would be your reasoning for wanting to keep it?


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