Is she busy? lost interest? am I too needy?

I've gone out with this girl twice. We were talking and/or texting a lot every day. We kissed on out 2nd date and both agreed that we would definitely go out again. She even said that she was glad I kissed her. This was a week ago.

All week, however, she has been pretty "busy". I don't doubt this in the least. Regardless, we have barely spoken. She takes hours to respond to text messages if she responds at all and we've talked on the phone only a few minutes.

I'm trying to give her time and space and not be needy, but I just don't understand what's happening. I know that she was very interested in me before. Is she having doubts, or can she literally be that busy.

by the way, she's in her 30s and has a good job that does in fact keep her busy. and she works out.

Thanks for any comments.

Will time and a little space help make it better again? Girls help please.


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  • You kissed? Maybe she hates you


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