Hello people! Why isn't this guy asking me out?

Ok so I met this guy in one of my classes, he was really flirty, sat with me everyday for the past 2 months, got my number right away when we met.

BUT HE NEVER TEXTS ME. Not once not ever, I have tried texting him first twice and we had a nice conversation... but he never tries to do it first. He asked me to study with him like once but he never followed through with it.

I am on my winter break now and it's been about 3 weeks since I have talked to him + the 2 months we met in class.

Does he not like me then?

- I should mention he stares at me a lot, but is generally quiet around me

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Most Helpful Guy

  • He likes you but he's probably shy or he doesn't know how you feel about him. Make a move!

    • I feel like I did.. I mean I tried texting him and was flirty in person what does he need for me to throw myself at him? I think if he doesn't try contacting me by the time this break is over i'll just move on.

    • Those aren't strong enough hints for some guys. You don't have to throw yourself at him, but you could ask him out, or you could tell him you like him.

    • I felt like I was obvious though and at the very least if he was interested in me he would ask me out right? i mean he was confident enough to get my number and to ask if he can sit with me and to talk me to my classes... it was just one more step.

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What Guys Said 2

  • he likes you. Maybe he is shy, or something is up at home. Old demons make it tough to go home for some.

    • Okay hmm well he does seem fine with other girls so maybe he just lost interest or something. I'll give it until the end of winter break if he doesn't try to talk to me i'll move on.

  • You might be a backup or a booty-call, or he got caught up with something important.

    • Hmm okay :( He just showed a lot of interest maybe he was playing me..

    • Keep in mind, he was probably busy and never got a chance. That's more likely.

    • Okay! I'll just try to move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • I would say there is a chance he likes you. Even though you said he was flirty, he could still be shy with liking someone. Especially since you said he stares a lot. When you have seen him staring, when you look at him does he look away or maintain eye contact. Are there any other things he has done around you? It's hard to tell if he doesn't like or does like you by text. Some guys are really into texting/ others are not. If I were you I would make the move and ask him out or at least maybe call him and see if he'll have a conversation on the phone. Good luck!

    • Well before he came and sat beside me he used to stare at me for weeks. And now even when we are sitting together I will look over and he's looking at me and we will smile at each other. I'm not the ask a guy out first kinda girl at all tho... and I see him with other girls and he seems fine and not shy at all.

    • I would say that since he acts different around you compared to other girls, than I would say there is a bigger chance that he likes you. Instead of asking him out on a date, just see if he would like to hang out. That way you guys could talk a little bit and not have the pressure of a date.

    • Okay :S guys are confusing... I think I am going to leave it for now though I am kinda giving up.