Okay, honest question about what I should do? Can't seem to admit my feelings, but let go, either?

I like this person, but I always act as though I can't stand him in front of him.

Am I jealous of him? Yeah, a little.

But mostly, I'm scared he's going to use his status to make me feel like I'm not that great/just another girl.

Plus, the girl he used to like, (not sure if he is dating her), is someone I really don't, and has status, so she'd be an automatic choice for him.

I can't even talk to him, because once I talk to him, he'll feel like he won, (I've been acting as though he doesn't exist so far), and forget all about me.

I passive-aggressively deleted him from Facebook.

On the other hand, I don't want him to hate me. It's a nightmare for a person to like someone, and know that that person resents them.

Plus, I think he's starting to badmouth me, out of frustration.

I don't want to be a you know what. I also don't want to talk to him, and give him closure, so that he can forget me five minutes later.

I think he does like me, but he likes status more, and he'd go for status over me if he had the choice.

Anyone have a similar dilemma? Dating someone who had status/money, and then wondering which was more important to your partner?
Should I try to let him talk to me sometimes, or keep my guard up?


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  • Why don't you like that girl? Do you know her?

    • Yeah, I do. I don't like her because she's kind of selfish. Whether she is using him or not, I don't know. Maybe she really does like him, but from what I've seen of her, she is self-interested.

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    • Yeah, I guess so. Hmm if this girl is indeed dating him, I don't think she'd not allow him to talk to other girls, that'd be too extreme. I wonder, come to think of it, if she secretly dislikes me the way I dislike her.

      Ha ha no the girl's name doesn't begin with J or M lol, does my situation remind you of a friend's/acquaintances?

    • Something like that... maybe
      Well I guess he happy