Do you find that as you get older, dinging people around your age is almost impossible? Especially potential dates?

OK sure I've never dated, and I'm 27 almost 28. So I am going to have less chances, plus I gave never been very social and never took chances with girls because I never felt like I was in a good place in my personal life to do so.

But back to the original question, do you find it almost impossible to find people your age around and available? Have you given up looking?


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  • Yes!!! Mostly ever guy I encounter has some sort of real serious baggage, or has a kid, even have "kids". Not many guys I know are taking their time to figure themselves out and just enjoy life. So I rarely find guys my age to date. The ones that usually try and talk to me are older. I'm 23, and I'm just trying to focus on myself. If I met some one with similar interest cool, but I'm not putting myself out there dating sucks! Lol


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  • No way! Beginning with the fact that you are young so no drama.

    Maybe you need to join a club or find a new hobbie, it's so easy, you just need to try new things.

    I am in the same position that you are but I'm really optimistic.


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