CHILDHOOD lovers... after years should I try win him back?

we met as kids and at first i didn't really feel anything for him at first but he really liked me, im not sure if it was my red hair that he liked! we parted ways after a while but still had the same group of friends, so we still seen eachother. and their would be the odd time we would hock up. we have only stayed friend for the last few years. but feeling came back again now that im single and have seen him last few weekends at parties. the last party we were at someone split a drink over me and it sorta looked like i had peed myself and he said i have that sorta effect on girls haha. then as he was just leaving and i asked him for a hug goddbye so we did and he picked me up and squeezed me. im not sure if i should try see if there is still something there between us or not? thats where you guys come in to help :). im a strong believer that whats for you won't go by you... but i dont see him making the first move unless he knows i want that to or maybe he really does just see me as a friend. maybe now that i have my natural red hair back he might because i always thought he loved it. and when i dyed it back in school he wasn't as flirty as he was before.

please help me with tips on how to let him know i like him without being forward cause i dont really want everyone else finding out i want something with him unless he does too. thanks for reading!


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  • Just ask him out. You know each other! Been throu a lot of history! This won't make a differnce (unless it's a long-lasting relationship)

    • im not sure he will though cause he is friends with my ex. do guys see that as a problem?

    • Maybe not, but that might affect it. I just realized how much damage it would do to your friendship if he rejected you.

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