He wants to go slow but?

Okay so I've been hanging out with this guy for a couple months now a lot and recently really started to have feelings for him. He always asks me to dinner and he pays and all that jazz, but never tries anything physical of hints that it's a date. Well one day I got upset because he was texting my friend (who I was with at the time) and not me and needless to say overreacted and almost started crying cuz I thought he was into her. Well now, a month later, my friend confessed they were talking about him liking me but wanting to take it slow and get to know me as a friend first before making that next step. She swears he's definitely into me but I don't know his actions are odd to me and he doesn't want me to know any of this by the way so basically... GUYS what is his thinking?


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  • If he doesn't want to rush it then he does like you. He's respecting you by not making you rush into anything all at once.