Photographic Memory?

So I've got a bit of a background here before I get to the actual question. Rewind about a week ago and my girlfriend of about 5 months and I are arguing. Long story short, photos on her social media of her and I are deleted. I don't have anything to show for my relationship with her besides those photos. I leave in 3 weeks to go play college football and already have minor memory problems. I am a highly visual person and I enjoyed reminding myself of these memories with her by viewing those photos. I am pretty torn at this point on what to do because those were the only keepsakes I had between her and I. I'm not a physically materialistic person and that's why I value those photos so highly. How do I handle this situation?


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  • First off sorry that happened to you!! Second if she deleted the photos maybe she trying to tell you something, ask her about it, if she was just acting out of anger and she still has those pics somewhere ask her for them if not take new ones that make you feel like that again. And if she wasn't just acting out of anger better to know before you go off thinking things are fine while they aren't. Sorry and good luck with this!!


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