Why is he treating our situation as if we are dating when?

First off don't answer my question if you are just gonna make personal bias comments about me being with a married man. Im tired of hearing about people doing that when im on here trying to seek advice. Anyway, the married man I am seeing has been acting differently lately. Usually it was about just being friends and having sex. Lately he has been spending time with me that is more like we are dating. We meet in public more often and obviously he is not worried about people seeing him with me. He has asked me questions about why I want him so bad and what I would hope him and I would become. He has told me things he likes about me. What I don't understand is why he is now treating our relationship as if we are dating. He hasn't said anything about him and his wife not being together anymore either. I'm just wondering if someone can help me figure out why he is treating our relationship like we are dating knowing that he hasn't even told me yet what's going on with his relationship with his wife?


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  • Oh I can't wait to hear how you're knocked up cos the skeezer didn't leave his wife and you wanted to force his hand! I bet then he'll go full silent on you in order to "work on his marriage". Maybe one day his wife will divorce him after all you're the 3rd slut he's cheated on her with. Then when your kid is 4 he'll want back in your lives cos "he made a mistake", you'll let him back them within a year he'll be taking late meetings with a woman from work while you stay home being a mom. Oh here's the kicker... you're now in his wife's shoes! And he is a lying manipulator who cares nothing but for his momentary pleasure. You're just the fool playing along with the fantasy that he may actually care about you. Cheers!

    • Screw you. You just made up a whole story about what you "think" is going on. You have no right to judge me. If you are not here to be respectful and actually make an effort to help me you shouldn't have said anything at all. Some situations like this actually turn out for the best. Also, I am not a slut so don't accuse me bitch! There how does it feel to be insulted?

    • Look up the she's a home wrecker site to see how things like this really end up. Cos you kind ho are in denial!

    • https://shesahomewrecker.com/category/homewreckers/
      As soon as his Mrs finds out you'll end up on here. Best get to learning the signs of "He ain't leaving for you!" before it's too late.