What if there is this guy that I go on dates with that we always have a blast on and then he doesn't text me for a while after (dayswise)?

People say they can tell he likes me and he has also said he doesn't know what his priorities are in life right now.. am I being used for kissing or does he just not know if he should be with me?

He opened two of my snapchats but still didn't respond?


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  • Typically women should be the one contacting the guy. This lets him know you're interested and he can respond by asking you out. If you text him to say hi, ask him how his day is going, and he doesn't ask you out by the third or forth text then he either isn't interested or doesn't know what he's doing.

    It very well could be true that he's has other priorities in life, but regardless of what's going on in someone's life if they're interested in you they'll make sure you know and find some time to fit you in. If one guy isn't interested then you move on to the next.


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