I haven't spoken to my boyfriend in days?

Okay, we've been together for a while. Our anniversary is coming up, we haven't talked whatsoever in a few days. We're together, but I've messaged him and the messages haven't delivered. Of course, I haven't messaged him like 100 times, only about 8 in a few days. Slightly hoping he'll see them or something, although it isn't likely. I'm scared that maybe something happened or he doesn't want to be together and that's his fucked up way of saying so.

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We've been together for a year the 24th, the last time we spoke everything was fine. He said, "Hey princess, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, I love you." I responded with, "Okay baby, I love you too and I hope you sleep well." (Those exact messages) His friends dislike me, because he cancelled plans with them so we could have a Skype date. We're long distance, if that matters.


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  • Maybe he's extremely busy or is going through a tough time and needs time to be alone. I would give him time to explain himself


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  • It sounds like this isn't like him. A year together is a long time. I hope he's safe and well and everything works out. Do you have any other means to check if he's alright?

    • His family does contact me regularly and they've contacted me recently. They don't know the situation, however I think they wold have told me.

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  • First of all, your poll is terrible. This isn't something to break up over.

    What are the terms that you left your relationship in the last time you talked? And when was the last time that you saw him? Did you get into a fight or disagreement? Also, how long have you been together? It would be helpful to know more information about your relationship before answering this question.

    If you've already messaged him multiple times with no response, the ball is in his court. It sucks, but you've already done what you can. All you can do now is wait for his response. Whether he wants to end your relationship or because of some other incident which is preventing him from messaging you, you're going to have to wait to hear his response.

    If you're really concerned, maybe you should contact one of his friends or his family members to make sure that he's okay. Or go to his house. Or just wait and hope for the best. But once again, I'm not really sure of the circumstances of your relationship. Good luck!

    • I answered your questions when I updated it, unfortunately his friends dislike me due to the fact that he cancelled plans with them so we could have a Skype date. Also, that's honestly what happened and they got mad about it and they've disliked me since.

    • Yes, that helps a lot :) Also, I'm sorry to hear that his friends don't like you. That's always a rough thing. Since you've been together for almost a year and there wasn't a fight or anything, I would give him the benefit of the doubt and wait until he explains what's going on. Like I said, you've already messaged him so there's not much else you can do. Is it unusual for you to not talk for this long? As in, do you usually speak every day? Does ending a relationship by ignoring you sound like something he would do?

      If you really love him and trust him and everything was good in your relationship, then I'm sure that he has an explanation to why he never responded to you. Just be patient and wait until he's ready!