Girls should I ignore her for a week be a asshole? She said I'm too sweet?

She said I need to change or I'll be stuck in the friend zone and she giggled afterwards


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  • Don't ignore her to "be an asshole". If she says your'e too sweet and wants you to change, she's probably not right for you. If she likes you, she wouldn't want you to change. End whatever type of romantic relationship you're pursuing with her now before you end up getting more hurt.

    • She didn't ask me to change. She just said your so sweet. I want talk to her for a day

    • I don't want to talk to her for a day

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  • Well, I don't like "too sweet guys"
    I like guys that are kinda mean
    But guys that care enough

    • She wanted to upload lingrie pics. And I said those a private on Facebook. Then she thought i was gay. Yes I shave my body hair so what. Models do..

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  • Why should you have to change to be with her? Find a chick that digs you for you because you do you like only you can do! Seriously though it's better to move on and find someone you can be yourself around because that will lead to a much happier relationship. Best of luck!

  • Woah man. You gotta sit down and reflect what she said.

    I'm kidding. All she wants is a man who is a 'Challenge'. You got me sweet-guy?

    • So she likes me. She said your going to be stuck in friend zone with your cuteness with a smile

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    • I said I'll ignore u a week. She replied you could never ignore me? I said is that a challange.

    • *facepalm* Dude, you never tell a girl of your agenda. Why are you telling her that you're gonna ignore her for a week? You're like a soldier handling out secret plans to the enemy soldier. Jeez man, where's your mystery? Mystery is part of Challenge. You gotta keep her on her toes