Rejection from a date, what to do next if you don't want to give up?

Started messaging a girl, have loads in common, seemed to be going really well, had lots to talk about with some flirty comments being made! Really liked her, she found out that I like her as more than just a friend.
A mutual friend had discussed me with her and she just thought we were mates, maybe this is why she stopped replying to my messages.
After 2 weeks she just started ignoring my messages.

Decided to message her asking her on a casual date to attempt to revive the conversation, she replied saying 'it wasn't appropriate and she'd just started seeing somebody else'
i replied saying i hoped we could be still mates!

To my knowledge she hasn't started seeing anybody, but can't be sure, could this just be an excuse?

Never felt like this about a girl before, feel sick with worry.
Unsure what to do next?
Really don't want to give up, but unsure how to revive the conversation and avoid awkwardness?
Any tips on what to say? What to do next?
What can i say to continue the conversation with her?

Is there no way to continue communication? any tips on what to say?


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  • It could be an excuse, but you've zero reason to assume that, so it's best to take it at face value.

    "Never felt like this about a girl before, feel sick with worry. "
    That's foolish. Why worry? You already know she doesn't feel the same way. There's nothing to worry about.

    "Really don't want to give up, "
    Well tough. You have to. Learn how, it's not difficult. You are starting to like girls and you asked one out. Just one. It wasn't a success, but it was only one. Wouldn't you rather find the next girl, who might say yes, rather than stand around pining for the girl who will only say no?

    I would tell you the same thing I would tell an older and more experienced guy. You're done with this girl now, she's decided that. Move on, let her worry about why you're not around any more. And find the next girl, the one that is right for you.


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  • I think you ought to leave her alone. I know that you really don't want to, but if you keep messaging her, saying you only want to be mates, you'll end up in the friend zone. It's not fair to her to pretend you're her friend so she'll find you interesting, because she won't when you're in the friend zone, and it's not fair to you to get off the market and pretend you'll ever have a chance with this girl who clearly has no interest; it could spoil all chances of meeting someone new, who'll actually give you the time of day.

    Move on, and you'll eventually meet someone whom you'll like and who will like you back.

  • It sounds like she really isn't interested :/ i think you need to leave her be.


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  • It hurts and is going to hurt for a little bit but it will hurt a lot less if you give up now, keep trying and you can work yourself into an obsessed state which is not where you want to end up believe me. Just try focus on other stuff as best you can and you will forget her