Why its hard to get a beautiful girl? And the normal girl is a piece of cake?

Wondering y
Any explain?

Some friends advise to chase beautiful girl but most of them ignoring me and walk like queen I'm surprised y then my friends said keep follow her I said yeah kiss my ass if she's not intrested I will not follow her I have my pride

The normal girl easy to talk friendly funny

So y some beautiful girl like that?


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  • Probably because beautiful girls have lots of guys after them- lots of options. They get to be picky lol. Same goes for really attractive guys.

    • Damn so true... hot chicks just got options and be very selective, can you write a Take on this or do I... education please, for all us average guys shooting for the hot chicks

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    • Wisenguber says no they don't... look at all these questions that pop up over and over again on this subject, its just good hearing tho info from a chick, than a guy... this guy is suffering you see... Help!!! Oh my question would be if your a Hot chick, do you know it, automatically? Or is it something someone had to tell you?

    • Can u explain? :)

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  • Because they can have higher standards and still not worry about getting a date

  • What even classes as beautiful :/


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  • Women that are hot statistically go after good looking above average men. What is above average? Handsome face, athletic body, and swagger... oh strait white teeth... on occasion if your a troll, and your funny, and can make her laugh, you might can get her to chase you, but in reality beautiful women shop for beautiful things, sad 😢 but true...

    • I'm handsome and athletic and yet I saw the hot girls with bald ugly guys !! So where's the explain?

    • Forgot to mention with fat guys also

  • All type of girls hard for me lol


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