Do guys like shy girls? Can I make myself more appealing to guys without changing who I am?

I'm really shy and would rather hide behind a book than talk to anyone (which is what I do). And I don't put much effort into my appearance (only enough to be considered presentable). I'd like guys to notice me but don't want to change who I am. Also I have social anxiety so I'm really awkward when someone does talk to me.

Do guys like shy girls?
Is there a way I can seem more appealing to guys without changing who I am too much?


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  • be stylish and dance in your room a lot and gofor hanging out withyour friends and trynew things like
    flirting withrandonm guys

    • Hat does dancing in my room do? W

    • it will make u satisfied and feel comfortable then try dancing with your family members and u will be braver

    • I dance while cleaning my room and it does the complete opposite

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