I'm pretty confused about her intentions and interest. Never initiates talk about meeting up. What could she be thinking?

We're both 27, and have established a mutual attraction to each other. Only dating for just over a month, but things seem off. We see each other once or twice a week, sometimes only for an hour or so to stop by and say hi or actually spend some time together (date night, movie together, made brunch together). I send her good mornings and we'll chat for a little bit throughout the day via text. Sometimes I'll see a good morning from her too.

To my surprise, she even got my a little gift congratulating me on my new home. I got her something too, but waiting till I see her again.

These all seem like great signs, but at the same time I've noticed some other things. Not much enthusiasm from to see me, not getting back to me when I ask questions regarding plans to see her, getting time to see her recently (granted she's been work busy, so not a big deal).

Just not sure where this is going... I try talking to her about her feelings but I don't get much. She says she's happy that I want to see her and she knows what I'm about/looking for. She says she's attracted to me. Physical intimacy has been slow going too. She is a divorced women, little over a year now. So maybe that's causing issues..

Probably the most challenging women I've come across. Not a bad thing but I'm not trying to spin my wheels for nothing. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get any real answers. I don't push it though.

Ladies: what do think is going on?

Guys: what would do or think?



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  • As the girl in a weirdly similar situation its because in the back of my mind I'm kinda waiting to see when things will go bad. Past relationships did so I assume this will too, so it's safer to distance myself when things start to become too comfortable. Maybe you should tell her how you feel it's normally the best way to find out whats going on.


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