I messed up while chatting with this girl I like. What should I do?

I get really shy in case of girls and it takes me some time to open up. I never chat with girls on fb since I have no experience. But this girl from my class who I really liked, I wanted to know her better. I am a bit free around her. So I gave my password and id to this friend of mine who I thought was good with the ladies since he had many girls in his friend circle. He did chat with her but it was really cheesy and over the top. She replied and she was up till 1 am chatting with him thinking I was the one chatting. He was too straight forward and said that she is sweet and little fun type girl and asked her stupid things. The next day I apologised her on fb for that weird chat and told her that I wasn't in my senses. My friend assured me that this is how u pick up girls. So should I message her again or have i really messed it all up?


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  • I dont think u had to apologize cuz she obviously didn't mind the stupid silly questions cuz she was up to 1am talking supposedly to you & she was enjoying the conversation. :) I see why u apologized cuz it wasn't actually something u would say or how act like and u dont want her having this certain impression of u, so when she is talking to the real u, she doesn't question why ur acting different or not as straight forward, so apologizing was a good idea. I dont think u messed up, go ahead and message her & see what she says. :)

    • thanks for being so humble... this is the 1st time i tried getting help in such a manner... cheers.. bless you.. merry Christmas.. Happy new year in advance

    • No problem at all & your welcome. :) Hope it all worked out for ya. Aww your so sweet thank you, merry Christmas & Happy New Year to u too! :)

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