Normal to be scared getting In a serious relationship?

Me and thus girl are really falling for each other. I wasn't always the conifdent guy in the world. In high school j was awkward and a little overweight. I ended up joining the military upon graduation quickly got over this phase. Started working out got into bodybuilding and if you saw me you would think I'm the most intimidating guy in the room. Im not sure if these insecurities are just coming back to me because this girl really loves me. I haven't told her about this past and I don't plan to but Is it normal to be little nervous letting someone into your life life this. It's been two years but we are now moving in together.


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  • Personally, I'd tell her about your past, just to keep everything honest, and if it was me I'd really respect you (and I do) for actually getting off your arse and changing your lifestyle :)
    Yes that is a normal, I can imagine that I would feel like that if I was getting serious, but just make sure you are aware of the fact that these thoughts are irrational and that you ignore them so that they don't strain your relationship with this girl?
    And off topic, you remind me of my dad, he went to the army and used to be a bodybuilder, he says people used to part way for him when he walked in the street cos he was so intimidating (but he maybe just being big-headed lol) my dad's amazing though! :)

    • Ha. Went marines I'm a really big guy and with that and my haircut and a couple of tattoos people most of the time. look the other way.

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