Is she interested in more than friends or not?

I know this girls for quite sometimes, she always called me bro. And recently we get really close, and she start hanging out with my other close friends of mine. She is currently dating a guy, and she keeps saying that she isn't into him that much. She usually will keep talking about her r/s with him and so on. Now she rarely brought it up anymore. Sometimes, we Skype and talk over the phone for very long period of time before heading to bed. When I met her and with my another close friends, she will just hook my hand and walk with me. Sometimes I also catch her glancing at me at times. Sometimes, she will message me first or even ignore my message and talk to me again. and now she more often called me by my initial than calling me bro like last time. I'm so lost, she is giving a lot of mix signals. Like at times, she will not reply me and reply really late. I haven't been responding well myself, as I don't know whether to pursue or not. Coz i doesn't want to ruin any relationship we had though. And recently she wanted to talk to me in private, I don't know in regarding what. However, when i arranged a meeting with her, we didn't ended up alone, so the talk that she want it to happen, didn't actually happens. So what should i do now? Is she interested in me more than just friends? or doesnt? :/


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  • Ok well just be patient and wait until the two of you can be alone and then you will know everything you need to know.

    • How to we are world a part. I heard from my other close friends, she want to talk about other guys. Hais... in a girl point of view how will u hint ur close friends if you are into him more than just bro / close friend? What will u do?

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    • I don't know but i doubt she does know, coz i covered my track. I told 1 of my friend about it and he was shocked and never expected it. Coz if she knows alrdy and she nvr reply my message once read. I think i am just gonna move on. But the thing is that she still will talk to me.

    • Well you should probably just talk to her about it to see how she feels and then if she doesn't like you back then move on, moving on without knowing is protecting yourself but in the end you might look back end say "I should have asked" but be prepared just in case she says no cause that's a real possibility

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