Unintersted or shy, is there a reason he acts like this?

When talking to this guy conversations tend to turn awkward b/c he barely says anything, simply answering my questions – the pressure falls on me to come up with things to say. When I cannot think of anything it becomes quiet and he starts playing with his phone. Then he avoids me at times, like he runs away or hides when he sees me and its very obvious. Then these rare moments he looks right at me when we come face to face and smiles, or comes to me on his own, and/or sits with me on the bus. I've seen his interactions, facebook/instagram and he seems to get along with girls just fine so I don’t think he's shy.

In our conversations he acts like he doesn’t know what im talking about or uninterested in things he knows and is interested in. and when it comes to weekend plans – he doesn’t fully tell me what he's doing like if he's going to a party or something hell say he's studying or staying home. When it comes to mine he starts asking questions at times like with who, where (party), what are you wearing (Halloween)

I met a friend of his on the bus a while ago who was revealed through conversation to be his childhood friend, he told me to add him on Facebook and he still never accepted – is it because of the quiet guy?

Not too long ago the quiet guy was ahead of me in the line up for the bus. We happened to look and smile at one another. I decided to not board the bus when it arrived b/c I didn’t want to pressure him to talk to me, I stood on the side. The guy came up to me when the line was moving and gestured me to go in, I did. At the end we were quiet and suddenly he asked me if I wasn’t going to board the bus, (ive done this before with him for the same reasons), I said yes and made an excuse – does he think that I am avoiding him?

Ps we both are 20


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  • From my experience when someone you're interested in doesn't really want to engage in a conversation whether texting or in person that means they're usually not interested


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  • Wait ur both twenty? Im so confused, did u mean twelve?