Is it possible to get back a guy by changing the behaviour that made him leave?

If you made the mistake of showing a guy you're too into him too soon by sleeping with him early, initiating contacts, introducing him to your friends... and so the guy got scared and pulled away, can you have him back several months after by having a different behaviour? (that is let him "chase" you, go slow, and basically make him understand you're not needy or anything!)
I mean, will he forever sees you as you were the first time or can he change his mind if you start acting differently?

I already started to play a bit the I don't care part, and the guy wants to see me again so that's the first step, now when I'll see him I really want to change the image he has of me


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  • I would say yes to this. But I'm different if a girl was really into me that much and showed a lot of affection towards me and I didn't like it or it was too fast then I would tell her" look we need to slow It down, nothing against you but let's just slow it down" most of the time guy/girl will be ok with it.
    In your case I would stop talking to him for a little then slowly come back. Start with a text or a call just saying how you been. If he responds then go from there but like you said just don't come on to strong.

    • I met up with him recently as he had something to give me back, and he seemed really happy to see me, he talked a lot and in the end told me he knew he had acted like shit and wanted me to let him know when i'll be back from holidays in order to meet again... Do you think I should do it or let him call me?

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    • Great glad I could help. Good luck.

    • thank you!!

  • First impressions count a lot and so it is hard to change first impressions or perceptions of your character but yes you can show him that you've changed but doing that will not necessarily yield the result you desire.

    • the thing is I'm not usually like this, at the time I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend and really needed comfort... plus the circunstances were particular, we were actually working together... So if I make him understand (in a funny way) that I was "out of my mind" or something like this, and I show him how I really am, would it possibly work?

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    • Agree, but we're all humans...

    • I'm not a human, how very dare you...

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