In the grand scheme of things is this a lot of 'baggage'?

Everyone has baggage or demons in their closet anyway i need to to know my baggae is a lot for someone to handle or weather it's no bigger than the next girl

- Never had a girlfriend and i'm 22
- Scared of being alone

and the big one:

- Fell in love with my best friend two years ago and still have feelings for her despite the fact we never dated

And by fell in love i mean hard, as in willing to give my life for her without a moments pause


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  • It's fine. I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend. (I've already went on dates, but it never ended in a relationship.).

    I also tend to fall and get attached way too fast :/ I hate that and I always end up being hurt, because I date jerks who only want sex.

    • I've had 1 date in my life... didn't end well, i'm no virgin though (FwB thing)

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    • yeah that's why I didn't want to have a friends with benefits . I felt like there would always be something missing. I'm proud of you by the way, bc it's rare te hear a guy say he doesn't want just sex. :) You're one of the few. Your 1st gf wll be very lucky!

    • If i get a gf... also according to said friend i was very good (she was a virgin as well so), i'm not gonna lie though i do want sex, but it isn't the ONLY thing i want

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  • Nope... it just means that you need to guard your heart and be careful you do not give it away until there is someone there who wants to take it.