Would you celebrate his/her birthday if your partner didn't show any interest of it?

His birthday is 5 days earlier than mine. I'm not really the type of celebrating birthdays. What will you think and do at my birthday if in your earlier bday I only did formal short 'hey, happy birthday' and nothing more to you?


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  • To be clear, what are you asking is what he might do for you, if you didn't do much for him on his bday? Assuming that is what you are asking he will either go all out for you anyway, or the exact thing you did.

    • Yep, that's exactly what I was asking. Lol sorry bad way to express the question. Thanks for the answer of what might you 'do', but also one more question,, what might you 'think'? Thanks!

    • it depends on who he is... if he is an outgoing guy that thinks b-days are important... well he might try to convince you that you should think the same thing and go all out. But if he is laid back dude, you might be lucky to get a "happy b-day" muttered out of him.

    • Fair enough. Thanks!

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  • ill probably start looking for a new partner lol because if she doesn't makes the effort of making my cakeness a big deal, i really shouldn't be with her

    • Thanks for the opinion! I'd really want to know how many guys out there who will see this as a problem, like you,, and how many will be okay.

  • I'd make a Birthday cake and then take the girl out to a fancy, up market restaurant in the evening.

    • How nice of you. But I got this frustrating traumatizing exp of my birthday so I'm kind of confused of how to refuse it if this kind of plan comes to him

    • You can just say no to it, mind if a girl said no to me, I'd go into my bed room, flinging my self into my pillow, do a Luis Suarez and bite the little fucker before going down the local pub to get shit faced leaving you on your lonesome for your Birthday (I have some maturing to do).

    • Fair enough, lol, thanks

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