How can I pay for a date without embarrassing a guy?

I'm dating a guy who is flat broke due to some bad luck and also doesn't have his own place. So far, we only hang around my apartment. I'm not rich by any means, but wouldn't mind buying dinner or movie tickets or a few drinks so we can hear a band. He's super embarassed about not having any money though. How can I pay for us to actually do something without hurting his feelings?


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  • Buy tbings in advance. Get tickets for movies or plays ahead of time or online so when you get there he doesn't have to worry about paying or you having to offer :)

    • Great idea! That makes is less obvious in public that I'm paying and he can't refuse. :)

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  • For now, do things that don't cost much money. Maybe rent movies, cook somethings together. And from time to time, you surprise him with a treat out or whatever. Don't ask him, just tell him you have tickets to something and go.

    • Thanks! I'm mostly looking to move things out of my apt because I want to move slow on the physical side and being there all the time makes things seem more serious than we are just yet.

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    • yes... i will give it a think. There may be some other things you can do around town that are free and/or cheap that allow you to talk and have fun without anything else. Will come back if i think of something...

    • Thanks! I appreciate your help.

  • Well, try to do something you guys can do together, as a couple. Wether its cooking, going out for a walk, or watching tv. It might be cheap and not fact or whatever, but it shouldn't be the value of the experience, but the time you spent together. Know what I'm sayin?

    • I don't care what it costs or not, I just would like to go somewhere other than my apartment sometimes because it makes things too serious too soon.

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  • I think you could gently suggest it before you go on the date. "hey. I'l pay. It was my idea to go to this movie anyway" If you have been close to this guy for a little while, I'll bet he would bite. I have been able to suggest this many times and the guys were willing. Be gentle with his male ego though, if you know what I mean.

    • Thanks! We've only been dating for a few weeks. I want to keep getting to know him without the pressure of being in my apt all the time.

    • So-make it your idea-invite him on a date-and since it is your invite, you are paying. That's what I have done, and it has always worked:)

  • Just tell him you enjoy hanging out with him and would like to treat him to the movies or somewhere. I think that it is nice of you to want to take him out and treat him. You know if money is a big issue between the two of u, you guys dont always have to go do things that cost money, just be creative. Like go for long walks, make homemade sandwiches & go have a picnic, go window shopping at the mall or go look around town, stay in watch movies & play games (board games or vidoe games), look up online on what your city has to do thats free. If u wanna go to movies or out to eat, check out special deals that the restaurant has, there's always taco Tuesday, & check ur newspaper for coupons. For movies buy candy at the store for cheaper price & put in ur purse, I do that lol. Maybe by u looking for free stuff to do in town or using coupons, it will make him not feel as bad about not having money to go out & make him feel ur spending a lot on him. Hope this helps, sorry for the long explanation. :)

    • Sorry the last part I meant to say, & it won't make him feel like your spending a lot of money on him. ;)

    • This would be so much easier if it wasn't cold here right now!! :). Thanks for your tips!

    • lol yeah ur right it is cold right now &Your welcome. :)

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