Figuring out where to take a girl on a date?

As a guy dating can be rough, since we approach the girl, ask them out, plan the date, etc... For me I have a hard time at each stage especially since that I never know what to talk about. People say talk about anything, but then that always bombs for me, because whenever I do, I am then told that by family and whichever peer might be watching me: "Why did you say that, you should have said this," or "She liked you why didn't you take it further." Also always told that I won't get a girl, because of everything I do or the fact that I am chubby/fat and can't talk to women. I have gone on a few dates, but still have a lot of challenges when thinking about approaching a girl.

Well anyways there is this girl that I am going on a date with later this week. I have asked her what she likes to do and also asked if she wanted to go bowling. The thing is she doesn't really give me much to go on and I don't want to show her that I am really a boring person, by doing nothing. One of my fears is coming off as too boring, and I don't want to sit there, because of my inability to communicate with very attractive women (meaning I tend to ask questions I have already asked, can't find new things to talk about). I am looking for some help on this topic.


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  • I don't know where you live but one of my favorite dates this time of year is just simply go skating and pair it with walking around downtown looking at Christmas lights/window shopping. No matter how well either of you skate you'll have a great time if she's into it!

    ie, If you're both good, you both have fun,
    If one or both of you suck, it can be more fun (as there'll be more touching as you help each other or the better person help the other) :)

    Then after, grab a hot chocolate or coffee and go for a walk in a festive part of town with lights/decorations/window displays. Since your moving around it will be easy to find topics to talk about. Comment on your favorite lights, stop and window shop a cool display and get her opinion, people watch people Christmas shopping/with kids/ in ridiculous winter gear. As your moving the scenary changes, bringing in new things. In the gaps when you feel a pause coming, then go for the more typical questions to get to know her better or talk about how great she is/joke about how terrible you are at skating!

    There will be breaks in conversation, so remember not to sweat those, its almost impossible for people getting to know each other to not have to pause in a date. Just don't look nervous and remember to try and let her do the talking ~65-70% of the time. Cheers! :)

  • do you live in a city or a small town?

    • City.

    • a great place is a museum. It allows you to talk to her and get to know here, but you can also talk about the exhibits... so you have filler space as you go along. I am not talking about the world's largest ball of string exhibit, but if there is an art museum or something. And if there isn't something like that where you can talk to one another, but also talk about other things you are seeing too... great way to get to know her and avoid awkward.